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I started my voice journey in college. After I graduated with Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Vocal Performance (Classical Music), I found myself entertaining on cruise ships as a cabaret artist and a production singer/dancer, working for "The Mouse" as an entertainer at Tokyo Disney, performing as an Equity actor in theatres across the southeast, and later singing jazz at clubs regionally and in NYC.  I was fortunate to nab opportunities to sing with jazz superstars like Jamey Aebersold, Christian Howes, and Howard Alden.  I also began spending time in the recording studio recording projects of my own and working as a backup singer on others' projects.  All of this was all very exciting but as you may note, I WASN'T SINGING CLASSICAL MUSIC.

Shortly after I began performing contemporary music professionally, I found myself floundering a bit trying to figure out how to sing in a way that didn't sound classical. Since I'd always been excited by ALL styles of music: Jazz, Music Theatre, R&B, Bluegrass, Country, Rock, etc, it made sense for me to study contemporary music and vocal techniques in order to know more about ALL of the music that inspired and thrilled me. I needed to know how to sing those styles healthfully, with authenticity, and teach my students to do the same.


I love being a student so continuing to study and learn about voice, voice styles, and healthy singing remains a passion for me. 

In 2017 I completed all three levels of the CONTEMPORARY AND COMMERCIAL MUSIC VOICE PEDAGOGY INSTITUTE at Shenandoah University and in 2018 received a VOICE STYLES SPECIALIST CERTIFICATE from Berklee. At any point you'll find me spending my free time in a Jazz Harmony and Arranging class, Artist Authenticity Seminars, Songwriting classes, Jazz Improv Bootcamps, Acoustic Vocal Pedagogy Courses, and collaborating and experimenting with low latency online music-making platforms with colleagues across the U.S. ...I just can't get enough! And the best part is: all that I learn gets passed on to my clients.

I stay up to date on the latest pedagogy and teaching methods by seeking out continuing education opportunities such as those previously mentioned AND by active participation in professional groups such as The National Association of Teachers of Singing (NC Chapter President), Pan American Vocology Association, Jazz Educators' Network, Actors' Equity Association, Association for Popular Music Education, the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (GRAMMY'S), and the Speakeasy Cooperative for Independent Studio Owners

I've seen and experienced how singing can improve one's self-confidence and widen one's world. I was told in high school by the "best teacher in town" that "I didn't sing well enough to take lessons" after I got up enough nerve to audition for her. (What?! I thought that was what lessons were FOR!). When I became a teacher myself, I made a commitment to teach hard-working, goal-oriented students at THEIR jumping-off place and help them find their voice in music and in the world. 

I firmly believe that "One World Holds EVERY Song" and therefore, I offer a safe space for EVERYONE to develop and declare their authenticity...both musically and personally.

I'm passionate about music and singing. I'm energetic. I'm goal-oriented and am willing to embrace new ideas and technologies. I'm willing to work hard to get the job done and enjoy teaching students with similar mindsets.

As I hope you can tell, I'm serious about the voice and everything it can do. The question that remains is, are you ready to get serious about yours?


"Olivia said she got one word in feedback when she finished her audition and that word was "WOW!" She never would have never made the final cut without all the work you put into preparing her so thank you so much! " - Sara Baird


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